Carmen: "Parents should take responsibility when it comes to their kids"

Carmen: "Parents should take responsibility when it comes to their kids"

The level of embarrassment this girl feels must be through the roof...

A video shows an embarrassing moment for a young lady who was out partying, presumably without permission.
Image: Pexels/ Maurício Mascaro

For those unaware of the slang term, 'Groove', Urban dictionary explains the word as 'a fun time at a party or event'. 

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Everyone loves a good time; however, imagine getting caught in that jol by your parents? Then you know it's trouble from here on out. 

According to a viral story on Briefly, this young girl had been to a groove only for a strict grandmother to find her and force her to return home. 

The young girl, alleged to be underage, was seen embarrassingly leaving the party. 

Have a look at this trending video below:

@eddy_mashele Yoh abazali🤣, I'd cry 40 days and 40 nights😭 #fypシ゚viral #SAMA28 #groove ♬ original sound - Eddy Mashell

Carmen Reddy saw the video and is still amazed at how young kids attend parties. 

Something needs to be said about the parents who let their kids go to these places.

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"Parents should take responsibility when it comes to their kids. They can't allow kids to go to these places without supervision," says Carmen. 

One thing is for sure, the trending video is just a taste of what the real issue is. Children need to be supervised up until the age of 18 - it's not just the law, but the right thing to do.

This will go on for a long time if we as a society don't do something about it. 

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Main image attribution: Pexels/ Maurício Mascaro

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