Man hires a body double to take his driver's exam

Man hires a body double to take his driver's exam

Everyone fails at one thing or another, there's no escaping it. 

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Passing your driver's licence exam is something of a milestone event when you come of age. 

And failing is part of the package for many. It is not an indicator of your ability, it is just that sometimes the pressure of remembering everything can get to certain people. 

What can also be difficult is when you are trying to get your driver's licence in another country. 

Learning the rules of the road in another country can be challenging. As it was for this man. 

"Serge, a Ghanaian immigrant living in Grammont, Belgium, had been struggling to pass his driving licence exam for over a year." (Oddity Central)

He had his driver's licence from his own country, but had to redo his licence if he wanted to drive in Belgium. In the space of a year, he had failed twelve times...

He could've easily just called it quits, but holding a driver's licence in Belgium would open up some great opportunities for him. 

And so, feeling like he couldn't try again and fail, he decided to cheat. He searched for a person who looked similar to him so that person could take the test for him. 

"After a while, Serge met Julien, a fellow immigrant of Congolese origin, who not only looked somewhat similar but, most importantly, had already obtained his Belgian driver’s licence." (Oddity Central)

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Everything about their story screams disaster. 

Serge and Julien were caught for their fraudulence and while Serge is serving time in jail, Julien got community service. 

Can you even imagine? Cheating for an exam with the hopes of getting a job in a country outside of your home, has now caused you to taint your name. Some things are just not worth it...

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