Durban bride-to-be recalls moments ‘perfect’ wedding dress was stolen

Durban bride-to-be recalls moments ‘perfect’ wedding dress was stolen

A Durban bride-to-be has recalled the moment her wedding dress was snatched from the back of their car in the Durban CBD this week.

Durban bride dress stolen

Jennine Naidoo of Shallcross says the incident happened on Monday on Dr Pixley KaSeme Street.


She says she and her father were driving to a tailor to alter the gown.


"We were stuck in traffic, and somehow a guy managed to open the back. It was locked, and he took the dress. That's when my dad looked in the rearview mirror, and we were screaming hysterically and didn’t know what to do.


“There was also someone else, that I'm sure wasn't him because I looked over my other shoulder, and the guy actually looked at me and smirked and not realising this was traumatising for me. I wasn't worried about the dress, a lot was playing on my mind."


Naidoo, who is getting married next week Saturday, says she had picked up the dress several days earlier.

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Durban bride and fiance

"So the dress was put on lay-bye last year, so I was paying off the dress slowly, and last week Saturday, my fiancè and I went to pick up the dress. So I had the dress at home during the weekend and on Monday, I was bringing it to town for alterations. And I loved the dress. It was perfect. I just had one sleepless night, but thank God for my family and friends for being there for me."


Naidoo says she's trying on new gowns today.


The incident has been reported to police.

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