Easy to make detergent for Spring cleaning

Video: Easy to make lemon detergent for Spring cleaning

Welcome the new season by Spring cleaning your house with this homemade easy cleaning detergent.

Homemade natural cleaning spray
Homemade natural cleaning spray/ iStock

Happy Spring Day! 

It is that time of the year where many people prefer to do Spring cleaning to get rid of the dirt that might have accumulated during winter. 

In winter, the house is mostly closed off to block the cold air and, as a result, dust collects and the air becomes stagnant.

Spring, however, is a warmer season and the perfect time to give your house a fresh feel. 

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This home-made lemon cleaning detergent will help clean your house and leave it smelling great. 

It is safe to use, and easy to make:

Take some of your used lemon peels. 

Place them in a glass jar. 

Fill the jar with white vinegar. 

Let it sit for a few days. 

Take the concentration and add it to a spray bottle. 

Use it to clean your furniture and kitchen appliances. 

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