Three ways to protect your house from snow damage

Protecting your house from snow damage

Different provinces in South Africa are experiencing snow. Here is how you can protect your home...

Man putting petrol in car at his home during snow
Man putting petrol in car at his home during snow/ iStock

South Africans are dealing with extremely cold temperatures, and snow began to fall in some areas such as KZN, Johannesburg, and the Eastern Cape. 

As a result, the weather service issued 'an Orange Level 5 warning for damaging winds that could result in damage to settlements, properties and temporary infrastructure', reports The South African

Let's look at how to protect your home below. 

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Seal your windows and doors 

Use caulk to seal windows and doors. This will help prevent cold air and melting snow from entering your home. This will also help keep your house warm. 

Ensure your gutter is cleared

If your gutter isn't clear from leaves and sticks, snow can build up and cause ice dams. Ice dams are defined by International Risk Management Institute as an accumulation of frozen water in the gutter system and at the roof edge that prevents subsequent drainage of melting snow from leaving the roof. 

Ice dams can cause damage to walls, ceilings, and can tear off your gutters or lead to mould, rot, and water leakage on the roof. 

Protect the pipes from bursting 

During subzero temperatures, water in the pipes can freeze and cause the pipes to burst. 

Burst pipes can cause damage to your home and leave you with a massive repair bill.

To prevent this, insulate pipes that are not insulated. 

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