Recipe: The best fried chicken recipe to try this winter

Delicious fried chicken recipe to try this winter

Looking for a new chicken recipe? Then try this crispy, juicy, and hot recipe courtesy of For Us Foodies. 

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Chicken is one of the most loved meats around the world. 

It is nutritious and a good source of protein. 

Although there are many ways to prepare it, one of the popular ones is to deep fry it. 

Below is a great fried chicken recipe that will have you licking your fingers. 

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- 3 eggs 

- 1/4 cup water 

- 1 cup hot sauce 

- 2 cups flour 

- 1 tsp pepper 

- 1 tsp chili powder 

- 1 tbsp salt 

- 2 tsp garlic powder


- Break eggs into a bowl

- Add water

- Add the hot sauce 

- Beat together until fully blended

- In a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients

- Rub the chicken in the egg mixture. 

- Remove the chicken from the egg mixture and place in flour mixture.

- Bring the oil to the boil.

- Fry the chicken until it is well done.


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