Housekeepers Week: Appreciating your domestic worker

Practical ways to show appreciation to your domestic worker

Observe Housekeepers Week by showing your domestic worker how much you value them. 

Domestic worker or housekeeper cleaning
Domestic worker or housekeeper cleaning/ iStock

September 11 until September 17 is Housekeepers Week. The week is aimed at ensuring that you show appreciation to the person in your home who works tirelessly to ensure it looks good and is neat and tidy. 

The role of domestic workers is often overlooked, even though they play an essential role in ensuring  homes are well maintained. When you have a housekeeper, you can unwind and take care of other matters while still knowing that your home is being taken care of. 

Just express how much you appreciate them

How often do you tell your domestic worker you appreciate them? If not often, use this week to express your appreciation towards them. Be specific about what you appreciate. Instead of saying, "I appreciate you cleaning", it is better to say what exactly you appreciate about the way the person cleans. 

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Show interest in their personal life 

Maphuti Poto, founder of  Potom Domestic & General Worker Agency, says what matters most is to show your housekeeper that you also care about her overall wellbeing. 

"It's not only about money. One of the greatest ways to show someone you care is to visit their home, see their living conditions and what their needs are. Some employees have been working with people for years and you have no idea where they live," says Poto.  

She adds that it is important to sometimes ask about how their families and children are doing to show that you care. 

Include them in fun activities

Poto says one way to show appreciation to your housekeeper and spoil them is to take them on a vacation even if it's with your whole family. She adds that this might be the only opportunity they get to explore the world as their salaries might not afford them the means to book a vacation. 

Book a massage

Domestic workers often work tirelessly to ensure the home looks neat. A massage is a lovely gesture to help your helper relax and be pampered. 

Give a sentimental gift

A gift is not really measured by how much it costs, but by how sentimental it is. From clothes to something for their home, you can give your housekeeper something you know they would appreciate. 

Take them out to eat

Be it dinner, lunch or breakfast, taking your domestic worker out as a token of appreciation will go a long way. Ask them what their favourite restaurant is and take them there. Depending on your budget, you can ask them to order anything they like on the menu.

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