Winning moments: The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar

Winning moments: The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar

Five families received R10,000 each on the first day of The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar.

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Recipient 1

Nominator Name: Rob Caskie

Nominee Name: Kerry Pentz

The Pentz family has been experiencing financial difficulties - and the COVID-19 lockdown was the final straw. Kerry’s husband is a church pastor. He lost his job last year selling copiers. He has been doing woodwork from home but has brought no income in the last few months. Late last year, her husband and younger kids got involved in an accident on the N3 near Cedara. Rammed by a large truck, they were thankfully uninjured, but the car was written off. Kerry runs a graphic design and editing business from home. Her client base will pick up again after lockdown, but no pay at the end of March. 

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Recipient 2

Nonimator Name: Colin Wardell

Nominee Name: Gideon Msabala

Gideon is Colin's gardener and the sole provider of a family of seven. On 26 March 2020, the Wardell family provided Gideon with items to protect him and his family during the lockdown. Concerned about whether the Msabala family would have enough food to get them through all 21 days, Colin sent in his nomination for Gideon to receive R10,000 with the help of The Big Favour and LottoStar. 

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Recipient 3 

Nominator Name: Mumtaz Adam

Nominee Name: Sahil Khan

Sahil was nominated because he supports his family financially and was notified by his place of employment that he would not be paid during the 21 day lockdown period. 

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Recipient 4

Nominator Name: Nicolene Pather

Nominee Name: Jacintha Perumal

Jacintha was nominated because both she and her husband will not have a steady income during the lockdown period. Jacintha is being paid for 4 days of leave and her husband who works part-time only worked for two weeks in the month. In these uncertain times, the family is not sure how they will make ends meet.

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Recipient 5

Nominator Name: Reenie Naidoo

Nominee Name: Rajesh Veraragavalo

" I would like to nominate Mr Rajesh Veraragavalo to get a share of the R500 000 sponsored by Lottostar. Mr Veraragavalo is a 47-year-old single dad who lives in  New Ark, Kwa Dukuza. He gets a meagre disability pension of R1700 a month. This barely covers his rent, water and lights for the month. He works on a casual basis just to make enough for food for him and his son. He cannot even afford school uniforms or school fees for his son. I try and assist him as much as I can but winning this R10 000 will make a big difference in his life." - Reenie Naidoo 

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How to nominate a family: The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar

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