UPDATE: Operation Bobbi Bear receives another R50,000 donation!

UPDATE: Operation Bobbi Bear receives another R50,000 donation!

Another day of joy for the organisation, Operation Bobbi Bear!

Bobbi Bear

There are so many ills in the world, but one of the most disgusting and unnerving ills has to be having older people who feel no remorse for violating a little child who cannot stand up for themselves. A child. 

Our own country's teenage pregnancy rate sits at an alarming rate, with Gauteng recording more than 23,000 teenage pregnancies between April 2020 and March 2021. It can surely not be consented sex as these are minors between the ages of 10 and 19. How do you consent? 

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Fortunately, organisations like Operation Bobbi Bear exist to take children in unsafe homes and spaces and get them the justice they deserve. They are based in Amanzimototi and primarily work to help sexually abused children. 

On Monday she made her way to our studio to share everything one would need to know about the organisation and what help they need to keep their doors open.

Take a listen as the CEO, Eureka Olivier, thoroughly shares the purpose of their establishment: 

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She further continued to describe the dire situation the organisation faces because of COVID-19 and the KZN unrest. Through The Big Favour, she hoped that someone or some organisation would be able to help the with a donation for the daily proceedings at Operation Bobbi Bear. 

Take a listen:

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The non-profit organisation has been operating for almost 22 years without any government funding. Every bit of financial support they have received was solely from businesses that donated. 

Unfortunately, COVID-19 hit the world and most business operations took a major knock. This directly affected Bobbi Bear. The year 2021 begun and it looked like things would pick up, but our KZN province experienced the unrest which saw multiple local businesses burn to ashes. Now, they hit a hard rock bottom following those events. 

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They shared all of this with us for The Big Favour on Monday morning and on Tuesday a huge donation was made by Workforce Staffing

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You would think that it all ended there. No. 

Eureka got called in once again on Wednesday to receive yet another surprise from the organisation, Worldwide Staffing. She had the chance to speak to Tanja from Worldwide Staffing who shared the amazing news. 

Take a listen to Eureka's touching gratitude speech to these two organisations:

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Eureka was basically speechless from joy and relief and this unexpected turn of events that would change everything for Operation Bobbi Bear. 

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To say we are elated and relieved on their behalf is an understatement. When Jeandie from Workforce Staffing shared the news on Tuesday, the look on Eureka's face was absolutely touching. You could tell how much relief this brought to her, their staff of 22, and, most importantly, the children.  

And now this amazing contribution from Worldwide Staffing puts them at a whopping R100,000! 

This is definitely a highlight moment for The Big Favour, a meaningful contribution to such an important community organisation. 

We simply do The Big Favour for moments like this; for joy, community, safety, justice, and love.

If you are in a business or organisation in a similar situation, The Big Favour is here for you. 

Simply click here to ask for help. 

You can also make a donation if you are willing and capable to aid someone who might really need it. Simply click here

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