Two KZN schools receive a large donation courtesy of Pro Secure and The Big Favour

Two KZN schools receive a large donation courtesy of Pro Secure and The Big Favour

Nothing deserves our commitment more than the education of our children.

Mounthaven Primary School
Mounthaven Primary School

When we were supposed to celebrate Mandela Day, the KZN unrest emerged and took centre stage. This year's theme was “One Hand Can Feed Another”. We were hoping to do our part in fulfilling the theme of this year by helping an organisation in dire need of help in terms of funds. 

Because education is such a key aspect of life, we thought that a school would be the most deserving of the Mandela Day donation. Education has aided so many poverty-stricken families and communities as the students grow up to be the main contributors, donors, and roles models in their communities. But learning in an environment that is not appealing which lacks the necessary facilities to make it a 'safe learning environment' means that children might lose interest and respect for the institution that is education. 

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So, we chose Mount Haven School in Phoenix to be the recipient of our Mandela Day gift. They had shared the vandalism that the school experiences, especially during weekends. This is because of the lack of fencing at the school. 

Every week they return to damaged parts of the school by the neighbourhood rebels. The school also shared that the condition in which their bathrooms are is unpleasant.

Fortunately, Pro Secure were ready to help us make the school a better place for the Phoenix community and their children.

Remember, they took Keri and Sky to Jemimah's school to deliver the last of her Last Kid Standing prize? They are pouring into the community once again by sharing a huge amount of money with Mount Haven for The Big Favour and for Mandela Day. 

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We connected Chantal Mudray from Pro Secure with Mount Havel School's principal, Mr Gounden, to share the amazing news. These include the fact that the East Coast Radio team together with the Pro Secure will do an on-site visit of the school to paint, clean up, and help revamp the school. 

Mr Gouden was left speechless. 

Have a listen to how much they are donating to this deserving 36-year-old school.

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On Thursday morning we made another call to a deserving local school in Chatsworth. They have been making plans to repaint their classrooms in order to revive the environment in which their students are learning. 

Glenwood Primary School's Principal, Mr Pillay was connected with ProSecure's Chantal to receive the exciting news about their donation. 

What the Big Favour does for the people of KZN is heartwarming and so important. We are making a difference to so many lives and that impact will  live forever. 

Mr Pillay's reaction to their donation will leave you a little emotional, take a listen: 


We were so fortunate to receive some more donations to the "One Hand Can Feed Another” initiative for Mandela Day. Thanks to the following businesses:

  • Hikvision for a cash donation and for their services towards the initiative
  • Chatsworth ADF( Anti-Drug Forum) – for donating Care packs/ Hampers
  • Vumatel-  for donating sanitary Pads
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Main Image Courtesy: Mounthaven Primary School

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