The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar - Day 2

The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar - Day 2

Day two of The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar was an emotional one. Here are the stories.

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During day two of The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar, there were many tears involved. With four families winning R10,000 to get them through the effects of the lockdown, our hope is that these recipients feel that a load has been lifted off their shoulders. 

Recipient 1

Nominator Name: Arthur Roets

Nominee Name: Carin 

Arthur nominated his neighbours in a heartfelt message. Carin and her husband are young parents with two daughters attending school. Both parents are unemployed and they survive on a monthly grant and money from her husband working as a part-time car repairman. With all their difficulties, Arthur stressed that R10,000 would make a huge difference in their lives. 

Listen to their winning moment: 

Recipient 2 

Nominator Name: Reshma Prag

Nominee Name: Raksharani Moodley

"I strongly believe my tenant and her family deserve to win because she was retrenched from her job last month. She suffers from varicose veins, as her last job was a sales assistant, standing and working long hours. She has no income and her son works part-time as a car guard. With the 21-days lockdown, both of them are unemployed. She is a widow staying in a single room. This would be a blessing from God, as she is having tough times financially, to pay rent & buy groceries. Many times she sleeps on an empty stomach." - Reshma

Listen to their winning moment: 

Recipient 3

Nominator Name: Sandy Narainsingh

Nominee Name: Dinesh Maharaj

Dinesh is a freelance SETA accredited skills facilitator, assessor, and moderator in the wholesale and retail sector. He trains employees for many establishments. Dinesh needs financial assistance as he will have no income from April onwards, until businesses resume again. He feels helpless as he is skilled yet unable to earn and service his accounts of rent, school fees, car finance etc. 

Listen to their winning moment:

How to nominate a family: The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar

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