A single mother of two gets this huge burden lifted by The Big Favour

A single mother of two gets this huge burden lifted by The Big Favour

After a huge struggle with her stove, Defy surprised her. 

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It has been one of the toughest years for everyone in the world really - COVID-19 lockdowns, loss of employment, KZN unrest, and a new variant detected now and then. 

However, this single mother of two has been having a tough time for the past seven years. 

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Yashni lost her husband back in 2014 and that same year she was retrenched. In her letter to The Big Favour, she shares that her kids were only three and nine at the time. 

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We were able to have our wonderful friends from one of the biggest appliance companies in the world, Defy, join us. 

This was Rajan from Defy who was about to surprise Yashni and her two girls with something that would change their lives for the better. 

Take a listen: 

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The permanent impact that this generous act will have on Yashni is beyond heartfelt. The Big Fvaour has definitely made it possible for huge companies to reach out and help where they can - and we just love it! 

If you are someone who needs help, you can simply click here

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