Single mom of three had nothing to contribute for kids' school needs...

Single mom of three had nothing to contribute for kids' school needs...

The Big Favour and Office National stepped in after she reached out.


The COVID-19 pandemic and the KZN unrest have made for such a traumatic time for South Africans. Unfortunately, some people had many more problems and these just added to the burden...

Marie-Elize was left by the father of her three children at the peak of those unprecedented times. She had no stable job, so life in the house was terribly hard and unpredictable.

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With schools opening in January, her biggest stress was making sure her children look the same as other children in terms of school uniform and stationery. 

But how when sometimes she did not even know what the next meal would be for the family of four? 

Take a listen: 

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One of the worst things is having your child go to school and not feel like other children. 

She nominated herself for The Big Favour, sharing the hardship she was facing with no partner to help her manage the house. 

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The Big Favour and Office National were able to share a full set of stationery - mathematical instruments, you name it! 

But that was not all! 

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Just like that, her teenagers don't have to feel awkward at school for not having things other kids have. 

If you are also someone in need, you can reach out to The Big Favour by simply clicking here

If you find yourself as someone willing to contribute to the lives of other KZN people in need, you can click here

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