Shoprite donates a large amount towards hunger relief

Shoprite donates a large amount towards hunger relief

Multiple messages from The Big Favour inbox have been about lack of food.


The Big Favour is always willing to connect those who have with those who don't, as Darren Maule would say. 

After the multiple lockdowns our country has been under, as well as the KZN unrest, families have seen the toughest of times in terms of income for their families.

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We would like to highlight that there is little money being given by the government to people with large families - R350, to be exact. 

So, Shoprite has stretched out their generous hand by sharing a whopping R20,000, hoping to alleviate hunger relief where they can with this contribution. 

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Today, Shoprite's Group Sustainability Manager, Sanjeev Raghubir, talked to Darren about their contribution:

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We would like to applaud Shoprite for this meaningful contribution to families that are having a hard time. 

If you will, simply go to Shoprite's Act for Change to learn more about their focus in the KZN province. 

The Big Favour continues to ask for you share if you have. Share your story if you don't.

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