R100 000 donation by Hollywoodbets for KZN's community relief

R100,000 donation by Hollywoodbets for KZN's community relief

As organisations come together and join to help rebuild our beautiful province, Hollywoodbets do their part by donating a whopping amount of money for all those badly affected.

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Our friends from Hollywoodbets are back. Following their Sikhula Nawe campaign to assist local KZN businesses with an incredible advertising campaign on ECR, today we are joined in the studio with Devin Heffer, Hollywoodbets Brand and Communications Manager. 

They are introducing their Hollywoodbets #HopeIsPower launch which was inspired by last week's civil unrest. They saw how local businesses, including their own, were damaged by the looting and vandalism. They are aware of the stress that business owners who have worked hard in building up their companies and creating employment feel, and understand that it must be devastating to have lost all that investment and risk shutting their doors and causing further unemployment. 

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Among the other things that inspired them is the incredible unity from the KZN community, who came together to help one another and restore our beautiful province, so, to further assist, Hollywoodbets has launched a massive project within their My Community programme called #HopeisPower and within this initiative, they were inspired by the work ECR does for the KZN community and would like to donate R100,000 to ECR's Big Favour. 

Have a look at who can apply and how exactly to apply for this great initiative: 

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It's that simple, simple click here. You and your business could rejuvenate and recover anything that can help you operate as you wait for more resources to get back where you were before the looting. 

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