Mchuks Events can do celebrations again, thanks to Hollywoodbets

Ntshuks Events can do celebrations again, thanks to Hollywoodbets

After the KZN unrest, this local business was left without any place to operate. 

Mchuks Events

There is absolutely nobody who can say they don't have a go-to outfit that makes them feel incredibly gorgeous or handsome. We can admire the outfit, yes! But we have got to give props to the people that create these clothes for us.

Ntombekile Mchunu is one of those people we need to applaud. After starting an events company in 2017, Ntshuks Events, she slowly transitioned into a fashion design company where she creates all sorts of clothing for people. This includes elegant dresses for Durban July.

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Unfortunately, the container which she operated from was destroyed during the looting. 

This is how it looked at the site: 

Mchuks Events

Have a listen to how she had planned to go forward: 

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That scream right there is exactly why we love this campaign - it brings joy to people who were somehow stranded after the tragic events in our province. 

You can still nominate your business to receive help by clicking here

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