The Big Favour: Looted and torched salon is now ready for business

The Big Favour: Looted and torched salon is now ready for business

Truly, things just work better when we're doing it together...

The Big Favour MJ Exclusive

This is such a fulfilling The Big Favour moment because our last words when we first helped Gavin Mthethwa and his business were, "We are delighted for Mthethwa and his staff of nine as they might be seeing a chance to start over!"

The finish line to their rebuilding journey is extremely close for them and we cannot be happier!

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MJ Exclusive Hair Salon had to close down as a result of the effects of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. The KZN unrest also had a major negative impact on the beauty business. Nevertheless, it was largely the effects of the 8+ hours of loadshedding that led to its closure.

Mthethwa had to let his staff of nine go; in this economy with its alarming unemployment rate, that's a disaster! 

The Big Favour was able to link Mthethwa with WeBuyCars and finances were now available to make it easier to rebuild. 

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In order to get to the root of the problem, ACDC Dymanics emerged with an innovative solution. 

They were able to obtain a 'Business in a Box' package that made hairdressing possible anywhere in the world. 

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We are here to make people's lives somewhat lighter and brighter - in this case the entire MJ Exclusive Hair Salon staff! 

If you are someone who needs help, you can simply click here.

And if you have the means to share a little something with those who might need it most, then click here

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