Loadshedding will no longer affect Gavin Mthethwa's hair salon, thanks to The Big Favour

Loadshedding will no longer affect Gavin Mthethwa's hair salon, thanks to The Big Favour

Innovation by ACDC Dymanics definitely made this possible

ACDC Dynamics Big Favour

Earlier in September we were able to listen to the story of Gavin Mduduzi Mthethwa as had to let his staff go as a result of loadshedding. He returns to receive another surprise from The Big Favour that will eliminate all the challenges caused by loadshedding. 

When he shared his story, he wrote: 

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Fortunately, WeBuyCars was able to share an amount of money that made re-opening the business a possibility. 

Take a listen to this touching moment below. 

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Yes, he might be open once again and able to help his employees provide for their families. But with the ongoing loadshedding in South Africa being so unpredictable, it sadly does not discriminate when it comes to the areas that are affected.

In order to get to the root of the problem, ACDC Dymanics emerged with an innovative solution. 

They were able to get Mduduzi this 'Business in a Box' package that made hairdressing possible anywhere in the world. 

Take a listen to them come to the rescue: 

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And now, there definitely is nothing that can stop the service by MJ Exclusive Hair Salon! He has everything he need at his disposal no matter what. 

This is the dream, right? To be able to make a living for yourself regardless of the challenges you have no control over. 

Head to their website to learn more about the products they produce - ACDC Dynamics

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The Big Favour is as full of gratitude as Mduduzi is. We are grateful that we get people who are willing to hep us make these moments possible. We are here to make people's lives somewhat lighter and brighter. 

If you are someone who needs help, you can simply click here

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