A KZN 18-year-old swallowed her tooth after family member wrongfully attacked her

A KZN 18-year-old swallowed her tooth after family member wrongfully attacked her

The young woman even wanted to escape the world after the painful incident...

Mandisa Dube The Big Favour

Nothing can ever justify violence on children or on any human being for that matter. 

We say this after hearing the touching story of 18-year-old Mandisa Dube who was brutally attacked by her aunt following a misunderstanding. 

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When one is beaten up so badly that one loses consciousness, it becomes an assault case. 

Take a listen to how Mandisa ended up in this situation:

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When thoughts of taking one's life because of a traumatic event like this one occur, you know it is a deep scar...

No one deserves to be handled in that way, family or not.

The Big Favour hopes to help get back Mandisa's smile and give her the confidence she should have to interact with peers and loved ones again. 

This is how they did it: 

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Thanks to Giftique for their R6,000 cash donation to Mandisa

If you are someone who might have the means to help in any way, then click here.

Click here if you want to get some help from The Big Favour.

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And we have confidence restored! 

Mandisa The Big Favour
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