Hard times left this 6 years old without stationery, the Big Favour stepped in

Hard times left this 6 years old without stationery, the Big Favour stepped in

With year already at full speed, this was a special and serious one for The Big Favour. 

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There has unfortunately been way too much going on our country - COVID-19, KZN unrest, unemployment and more.

And some of these have negatively affected people's financial stability. 

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Sinidisiwe Ngiba nominated herself for The Big Favour hoping to find help for her 6 year old son who is in Grade R. 

When she sent this earlier in the year she wrote: 

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She describes her situation further to Darren here

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We got on the phone with our friends from Office National, we knew they are as passionate about education as we are. 

They had a message for the young mom and her lovely son. 

Take a listen: 

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We are definitely delighted to have made this work in such a short space of time. 

We hope that Sindi's son will feel comfortable at school now. 

If you are someone who might have the means to help in any way, then click here.

Click here if you want to get some help from The Big Favour.

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