Day 9: The Big Favour in Partnership with LottoStar

Day 9: The Big Favour in Partnership with LottoStar

Day 9 of The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar brought smiles to many recipients faces.

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The Big Favour in Partnership with LottoStar continues to bring hope and happiness to all the recepients in need.

Recipient 1: 

Nominator Name: Fabian Pillay

Nominee Name: Lutchmee Pillay

"I’m a Local market initiative sales consultant which requires me to be out. I met Mrs Pillay at the Chatsworth market in a takeaway where she was working and I spoke to her and that's when I built a relationship with her. She told me about the hardships that she has been going through for the past 12 years. She is finding it difficult during this time as husband passed away, she is finding it very hard to manage with her two kids because she has no source of income. She hasn't paid her rent and they have disconnected her lights and water. She hasn't gotten her salary to support herself and the kids, a few weeks prior to the lockdown she lost her job. I do try and help where I can but that isn't enough because as there is 3 of them I would highly appreciate it if you could consider this family, it will be such a huge help to her and her kids and I am confident that she will be very grateful if she is chosen."

Listen to their winning moment here:

Recipient 2: 

Nominator Name: Vicky van Heerden

Nominee Name: Liezl Rautenbach

"Liezl is a self-employed baker in our community. Always willing to help other people. She has two young girls. Her husband is an IT technician for the petrol stations and can currently not work. He gets paid per kilometres he drives. With the lockdown, they have no means to an income. And even with them having as little as they have she still shares with her mom and dad the little they have. It will help them so much in these difficult times."

Listen to their winning moment here:

Recipient 3

Nominator Name: Sduduzo Mndaweni           

Nominee Name: Olga Dhlezi 

"I would like to nominate my neighbour Ms Olga Dhlezi, who is a mother of 2 daughters living in Malukazi next to uMlazi with her mother, who is 77 years. Olga survived by selling sweets and snacks on a train between Durban and uMlazi train stations. Her mother although she is 77 years, also sold cooked mealies in Isipingo taxi ranks to make ends meet. With the lockdown in place, trains not running and the selling of cooked food banned it has been very tough financially for the Dhlezi family. I would also help wherever I could but it's not enough. Whichever food they get they will cook it in an open fire to save electricity for lights."

Listen to their winning moment here:

Recepeint 4

Nominator Name: Sean Oliphant

Nominee Name: Ryan Boniface

"Ryan has a small Plumbing business (self-employed) he relies on odd jobs to make a living every month. He has a wife and 2-year-old son and they are a young family just starting out due to the lockdown that it has left him with no work at all. I am worried about Ryan's family, should the lockdown be extended further he will definitely be in a very hard predicament. His young little boy who has had respiratory problems as well, it just breaks my heart to think if they will make it. Ryan is a generous individual always willing to help others and I would like to nominate him because he has a kind heart for all in our complex."

Listen to their winning moment here: 

Recipient 5: 

Nominator Name: Pat Maslen

Nominee Name: Denya Du Plessis

"Denya works for the Barnyard and because of the Coronavirus, she has been out of work for nearly 4 weeks with no pay. Her husband Neil is a gym owner and had to close. There is no income for a family of four. As the mom, I am very worried about them, and not sure I will be able to help financially either as my own job is not secure."


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