Day 6: The Big Favour in Partnership with LottoStar

Day 6: The Big Favour in Partnership with LottoStar

Day 6 of The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar brought smiles to many recipients faces.

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The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar, strives to bring hope in a time of despair. With five lucky families winning R10,000 to get them through the tough times during the lockdown, we hope it brings the families happiness too.

Recepient 1

Nominator Name: Belinda Stone

Nominee Name: Willa Janse Van Rensburg

"Willa and her husband, are karaoke DJ's. They do this as a full-time job. Their income depends solely on the number of gigs they get and they get paid by the hour. With the lockdown, they now do not have any income. I would be very grateful if you could assist. Thanks, Belinda"

Listen to their winning moment here: 

Recepient 2:

Nominator Name: Daniel Lewis

Nominee Name: Shaun Thompson

"Shaun and I have been friends since grade 4 - we are now going on 30. In June of last year, he decided to make a big move away from all family and friends to Cape Town where his girlfriend was studying. He got a new job and everything was going according to plan. 
6 months passed and around mid-November, he was called in to be told that his 6 month probation was coming to an end and that they would not be renewing his contract, so he was basically given 1 weeks notice. From the day he found out he would be without a job heading into the most expensive time of year, the festive season, he started applying to every single firm he could find in Cape Town. With the economy being the way it is, hundreds of applications later, he received very few replies. The ones he did receive all read the same thing - "Thank you for your application but unfortunately we are not in the position to hire right now, we will keep your CV on our records." I think we have all received this standard reply at least once in our lives and it's not a great feeling - especially after applying to over 100 companies. Finally last month he had a positive reply, a company who wanted to meet with him!! He went for the interview which went extremely well and an offer was imminent.  1 week following this interview just as things were looking up, Mr Ramaphosa announces a nationwide lockdown due to Covid 19. Needless to say, he received another email saying that there is a change of plan and the company will no longer be hiring as they are a small firm and they cannot risk bringing in new employees with the uncertain future of the South African economy. My friend is due a bit of good luck and I really hope you will consider helping him out. I know it's probably something he has not thought about. Thank you for considering Shaun."

Listen to their winning moment here:

Recipient 3:

Nominator Name: Zama Khwela              

Nominee Name: Busisiwe Latha

"I like to nominate my neighbor she is a vendor from one of the primary school's called Phuphuma here in Mbumbulu, her mother is also working in the tavern. Since the lockdown, they don't have any income, she has two kids that are depending on her and also one sibling, she is also a student in Unisa. I know that things are tough right now and they will be worse when the school reopens she will need the money for transport for kids to school, she also won't have the money for stockvel that she pays every month, not to mention food,  stock for her business to carry on. The money would make a huge difference in their life."

Listen to their winning moment here:

Recipient 4:

Nominator Name: Karen Littlechild

Nominee Name:  Meleney Cunniff

"Firstly, thank you for this amazing reach out with Big Favour. So many people’s lives have been severely destroyed and futures left so uncertainly with the lockdown. So thank you for assisting others through this very bleak time. I would very much like to nominate Meleney, who used to be my boss years ago, we since became good friends. She is such a fabulous, caring person, always looking out for others, never puts herself first. Sadly she lost her job and with the lockdown, no one is obviously employing at the moment. Her future currently is very bleak with no income coming in, no job, no partner to lean on for support. It truly is not a fun time right now and I know it’s not for a lot of people. I would so dearly love to be able to assist her to cover her rent and bills, so she at least has a roof over her head until able to get through this and find employment. However, as I’m a small business owner with no income to support myself and only enough to cover my staff salary this month. I’m in no financial position to assist L When I heard on the radio about this amazing reach out you are doing. I thought at least I could nominate her in the hope she might be picked. Thank you and keep safe."

Listen to their winning moment here:

Recipient 5: 

Nominator Name: Sheryl Nehemiah

Nominee Name: Nirvana Sewsunker

"I would like to nominate my son's friend’s mum for The Big Favour. She is the only breadwinner with 2 children to take care off. Due to the lockdown, she will have no income for the month of April. I would be so happy if she could receive the R10 000 which will help her so much."

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