Day 5: The Big Favour in Partnership with LottoStar

Day 5: The Big Favour in Partnership with LottoStar

Celebrating the recipients of Day 5 of The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar. 

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Many could not foresee the tough times ahead during the national lockdown, but thanks to The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar, 50 families will be given R10,000 to help them with their needs.

Recipient 1

Nominator Name: Bhanwathy Nathoo

Nominee Name: Rubeshen Moodley

"My neighbour's family who is struggling in this tough time financially as a result of the 21 days lockdown. He is a bus driver & the breadwinner in his family. My heart goes out to him as he starts work very early & finish late hours working 7 days a week just to put food on the table. He is on unpaid leave as the company has no money to pay him because of the lockdown. Last month his house caught on fire and he lost all his valuables so he had to start from a scratch buying items. Please can your help him out. He as two beautiful girls & he is a single dad as his wife passed away 3 years ago."

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Recipient 2 

Nominator Name: Ilza Wichmann

Nominee Name: Sheralee Joliffe-Cathro

"Sheralee is a swim coach in PMB and is one of the best out there. Sheralee teaches swimming at some of the schools in town, she runs a learn to swim program out of one of the gyms and she has a club squad who she trains for competitive swimming.  Monday to Saturday you will find her in the pool or on pool deck. Before lockdown began she was relying on the fees coming in from the schools, those swimmers don't pay any fees during the winter months so her income is considerably lower under normal circumstances.  With the early closing of the schools and the lockdown, she has lost some of her winter nest egg.  The club squad trains all year round so she relies on those fees to tide her over. Now that our kids are unable to train there are those parents who won't pay because their kid is not in the pool.  Not an ideal situation for Sheralee who is a single mom of twin boys.  The dad is a deadbeat who barely pays school fees so she can't rely on him to help out. As she can't afford to have a place of her own, she shares her brother's house with her mom.  Her brother recently lost his job so he moved back to PMB and is also in the house with his wife and their 2 small kids.  In a nutshell, Sheralee is currently the sole breadwinner for this family of 8 and now has to face the reality of not having her usual savings to pull her through. I strongly believe she is a real candidate for a Big Favour, not only for her lack of funds but because of what she does for our kids on and off the pool deck.  We receive WhatsApp messages every day with different exercises for the kids to do to keep fit, words of encouragement for both the parents and the kids, she is truly a coach in a million.  I sincerely hope you consider her for this."

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Recipient 3 

Nominator Name: Andre Oosthuyzen                   

Nominee Name: Christopher Dorasamy

"When I moved down to KZN Christopher was the first friend I made and two years later we became best friends. He is self-employed and with the lockdown, he can't perform his occupation. Christopher looks after his mother, sister and his sister's baby. He recently lost his dad. He will go out of his way to help his family and myself. He is a true friend and I feel his pain in this time not to be able to provide just the essentials."

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Recepient 4

Nominator Name: Thulani Chirwa

Nominee Name:  Delisile Radebe

"Delisile is a mother of 2 unemployed boys, a daughter in high school and 2 grandchildren. All living in a 2 room shack with an unemployed dad who hardly supports them. Delisile has been part of my life for over 5 years and I have been supporting her by offering her to do my laundry and house cleaning from time to time. I even extended this to friends and relatives, she is working as a housekeeper for one of our friend but now have to be at home because of the pandemic and that means no income as she solely relies on these piece jobs to survive. I buy a couple of basics and send to her but it gets tough as I am also coming from a child-headed family being the head of that family as my both parents are late family relies on me completely. Delisile is a very compassionate, dedicated and a loving mother to her family and a mother to me and my siblings, just that life hasn't been good to her. I so wish she can be assisted to alleviate the burden she is carrying on her shoulders.”

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Recipient 5

Nominator Name: Simmone Mahadeo

Nominee Name: Simone Bennett

"Simone is a wonderful person with a beautiful heart of gold. Unfortunately, life has dealt her a terrible hand. She is a single mother of 3 sweet little girls, 1 of which is still on nappies and milk. Her children's father has left her alone with this huge responsibility of raising her girls all alone. She worked at a creche and due to lockdown, she isn't getting paid. She's already far behind on her rent and currently has no electricity which is essential when you have a baby on milk. Please help this young woman. She has no help financially and is in a very bad state."

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Recipient 6

Nominator Name: Derek Osborne

Nominee Name: Megiel Coetzee

"Megiel is a handyman, doing odd jobs to support his family of 3. Since the lockdown, Megiel doesn't have an income to support his family. He has two small kids and has his in-laws who are also staying with him. He is that type of person that will go out of his way to help people. The reason why I think Megiel should get assistance from LottoStar is because of what I have seen him do for other people, he deserves to be assisted in times like this. I know he will assist people who are in need if he gets anything."

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