Day 3: The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar

Day 3: The Big Favour In Partnership with LottoStar

Celebrating the recipients of Day 3 of The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar. 

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During these uncertain times, The Big Favour teamed up with LottoStar to make a difference to 50 families during the lockdown period. In the space of two weeks, R500,000 will be given away to help these families be at ease. 

Recipient 1

Nominator Name: Michelle Harvey

Nominee Name: Thandiwe Ngcobo

Thandiwe is the first recipient of R10,000 on day two of The Big Favour in partnership with LottoStar. 

"Thandiwe works in my home. She helps keep it clean and tidy, helps with my children and many other things. But, she is not just someone who works in my home... she is my friend, part of my family! My children love her as their very own Gogo. She is always making sure we are looked after, even though she spends the week away from her own family, to be with ours. She has gone home to be with her family for lockdown, and although we are paying her, for now... it's not a lot and I would love for her to be comfortable during this uncertain time. For once to be able to fully take care of herself and not have to worry about paying bills and putting food on the table for her family. I know she would use the money to help others out too. That is just how she is. She has the biggest heart of gold and is always taking care of others, I want her to be taken care of too... she really deserves a break in life." - Michelle.

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Recipient 2

Nominator Name: Prevasha Govender

Nominee Name: Ameetha Maharaj

"I would like to nominate Ameetha Maharaj. She is a single mum with 2 daughters, she has started a new job last month obviously looking for more stability for her girls and herself. the outbuilding where she is now will no longer be soon. Unfortunately, she has to look for another place as her landlord is now selling the property. It breaks my heart every day to hear her try to make ends meet. The other day I saw a post of hers selling her dining set, she said that she has to make some money for a deposit for another place to rent. I have known her for the past 11yrs now and has a heart of gold. I think she would be most appreciative if she was given the chance of getting this cash." - Prevasha.

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Recipient 3

Nominator Name: Angie Down

Nominee Name: Saras Moonsamy

Saras is a 50-year-old widow from Albertville and has had an extremely tough life. She has three children and a week before lockdown commenced, her employer notified her that her salary will decrease if she does not work weekends. She has stood the test of time and still remains smiling. 

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Recipient 4

Nominator Name: Suzannah Mottian

Nominee Name: Sandra Samuel

"My mother-in-law is a 52-year-old woman who is medically diagnosed with heel spurs on both feet and cervical spondylosis; therefore, she is unable to work. Unfortunately, there is no cure any only symptomatic treatment for pain. She is in chronic pain and finds it difficult to walk due to the heel spurs as well as getting out of bed due to extreme pain experienced on her spine. She does not receive a government grant; the Government said that the only way she could receive a grant if she amputated both feet due to the heel spurs. She takes care of her 76-year-old mother, who has severe deep vein thrombosis and a necrotizing leg. Her only source of income is from her one son who works on a part-time basis for an awning company and who is on drugs and contributes the bare minimum to help his mom financially.  She uses her mom's social grant to pay for the lights and water. Every month they pay less towards their lights and water, and it gets cut, they have to beg and borrow money from people just to reconnect their lights and water." - Suzannah.

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