Big Favour: Community rallies together to help Jonker family through tough time

Big Favour: Community rallies together to help Jonker family through tough time

The community of Durban is coming together to help Liezel Jonker overcome her medical condition.

Big Favour, helping people in need
ECR and Big Favour are there to continue helping people who are in need. Image/ECR

Welcome to another edition of The Big Favour with Darren, Keri, and Sky.

The recent #KZNFloods once again showed us the spirit of Ubuntu in KZN. Communities came together and continue to do so to help those in need.

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Gerhard Rothman has decided to nominate his sister Liezel Jonker. The reason is because Liezel has been through a rough two years due to her medical condition. 

She has a mild connective tissue problem called, CREST syndrome, which caused symptoms of Raynaud's (blue fingers), oesophageal dysfunction (difficulty swallowing), and telangiectasia (red spots on the front of the chest).

Take a listen to Gerhard and Liezel talking about the difficult road they have been on:

Big favour- Darren, Gerhard and his sister Liezel
Big favour- Darren, Gerhard and his sister Liezel. Image/ECR

Gerhard mentions that her main issue relates to the operation she had at King Edward on her stomach. This has caused a very low iron level and probably low Vit B12, as well as weakness, fatigue, and fissuring at the corner of the mouth. 

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Liezel's leg has been swelling, this is also due to malabsorption of essential nutrients and protein due to the stomach surgery. 

Gerhard has been stressing about his sister's condition and has been constantly trying to do something about it for the sake of the family. 

Gerhard Rothman, telling a story on how his sister has been suffering
Gerhard Rothman, telling a story on how his sister has been suffering. Image/ECR

After listening to the story as well as words from Liezel herself, many businesses and people in the community stretched out their hands to try help this family. 

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One of those was Ishan Maharaj from Dynamed Pharmaceuticals (Pty), to which they decided to help by donating a wheelchair. 

More and more people started to reach out. East Coast Radio listeners have massive hearts and on behalf of them and The Big Favour, a donation of R10,000 in cash will go towards hospital bills. 

Listen to how this amazing story came about which had both Liezel and Gerhard beaming with joy:

If you would like to nominate someone who needs assistance from the Big Favour, you can nominate them here.

If you would like to make a donation to the Big Favour, you can donate here

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