Queen's Soup Kitchen given more resources to help them feed more people

Queen's Soup Kitchen given more resources to help them feed more people

The Big Favour and Peter and Fabiola Bode showed love and appreciation for Riette and her incredible team.

Riette from Queen's Soup Kitchen with Darren Maule/East Coast Radio

Welcome to another edition of the Big Favour with Darren, Keri and Sky.

The recent #KZNFloods once again showed us the spirit of Ubuntu in KZN. Communities came together - and continue to do so - to help those in need.

That spirit continues once again with Riette's wonderful team at Queen's Soup Kitchen.

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The organisation feeds the hungry and try to provide nutritional meals. They try to add nutritional value to their meals to help make a difference, especially a healthy one.

Riette and her team receive donations and various resources from friends, families and various communities - incredible.

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Queen's Soup Kitchen provides meals on Wednesdays and Sundays but Riette would love to feed people every single day.

Take a listen to Riette talking about her incredible organisation: 

When Peter and Fabiola Bode heard about this beautiful initiative and wanted to help Queen's Soup Kitchen.

Here's what Peter and Fabiola Bode want to do for Queen’s Soup kitchen:

  • a kitchen
  • glass top hob

Listen to the touching moment below as Riette hears about the generous donation:

But then got a call after the moment from Leon Govender at Saikov Foods, telling us that they also wanted to make a contribution to Queen's Soup Kitchen. 

The incredible team play in the meat-free space and are focussed on healthy, micro-meals.

Thank you so much to Saikov Foods for this incredibly generous contribution of a month's supply of meals for the organisation.

Listen to the gratitude in Riette's voice as she hears the amazing news...

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