The Big Favour makes Comrades runner's silver medal hopes possible

The Big Favour makes Comrades runner's silver medal hopes possible

After running and training for the Comrades in the same shoes, the wearing out meant he had to put a hold on his passion for a while as he saved money for new trainers. The Big Favour has changed that. 

The Big Favour, Comrades runner, Wilson and Gavin Scott
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Wilson’s employer and colleague, Monique Alston, found out that he was putting a halt to his running because of his damaged shoes. She then shared the story on Facebook for some donations and fortunately, it appealed to East Coast Breakfast’s Keri Miller.

Keri Miller shared the story with the team and The Big Favour, and Wilson is now able to resume his passion of running.

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 Meet Wilson and listen to the story of devotion:

Wilson, Comrades runner
East Coast Radio

The landscaper has been running the Comrades for 17 years and aims to improve his 8 hours to a 7 hours 30 minutes Silver medal-winning time.  

He shares that having tired shoes has been the only challenge towards this goal. 

We were able to easily find someone with the resources to lift Wilson's pause on his running -  one of the owners of Corogains Sport, Gavin Scott. He is a friend of East Coast Breakfast and he was touched and inspired by Wilson’s story.

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Corogains Sport is a store that supplies all kinds of sports equipment to all kinds of institutions – schools and clubs. This specific story shined a beam of light to his heart as it was different from their usual bulk sales and donation proposals. This story stood out as one of a dedicated sportsman.

Listen the interaction between him and Wilson: 

Gourmet Inc donations
East Coast Radio

Wilson’s beautiful day truly was a joy as he started with a surprise breakfast from Monique, an unexpected turn to East Coast Radio, and then this heartwarming donation. Gourmet Inc. decided to be the cherry on top and close the day off with two donations of their exclusive gourmet cakes. 

Sky Tshabalala asked if the cakes would disturb his training? "No, I'm gonna eat it. I'm gonna eat it," Wilson replied. 

The warmth and laughter at the end of the day reminded us of the exact reason we do The Big Favour - to touch and change lives. 

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