The Big Favour helps a single mother with daughter's school fees balance

The Big Favour helps a single mother with daughter's school fees balance

Linking RE/MAX Panache with the receptionist has changed a lot for this small family.

Mom and daughter

We have all experienced the wrath of the COVID-19 pandemic in many different ways. One of the most painful stories to hear is the loss of employment during the lockdown period or even after. 

Thobeka Shabane might not have lost her job but they cut her salary as a result of the lockdown and it has affected a lot in her household. 

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She is a mother to five-year-old Josephine, whose school fees she has been struggling to pay because of the cut in her pay and varying responsibilities she has to take care of as a single mother. 

The receptionist truly wants the best for her daughter as she has a side hustle selling second-hand clothing near the Shongweni Dam to help aid the family however she can. After receiving a warning that her little girl won't be allowed back at school for October, she reached out to The Big Favour. 

Take a listen:

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Fortunately, the owner of RE/MAX Panache, Grant Gavin, heard her story and was willing to help where he could. 

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It is definitely a beautiful thing to see a mother try all she can. 

Education has been at the forefront of The Big Favour for the past few months. 

We are investing in the future of South Africa and the world. We are choosing love and warmth for the children in a world that has so much going on. 

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