The Big Favour helps MJ's Exclusive Salon restore their business

The Big Favour helps MJ's Exclusive Salon restore their business

WeBuyCars and The Big Favour share a large contribution with the local business. 

The Big Favour MJ Exclusive

Mduduzi Gavin Mthethwa is the owner of MJ's Exclusive Salon, which has had to sadly close down. It was firstly the effects of COVID-19 and then the KZN unrest which had a major impact on the business, but it was also the effects of the 8+ hours of loadshedding that the business endured. 

It continues to bother Mthethwa that he had to let his staff of nine go in this economy with its alarming unemployment rate. 

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He wrote to The Big Favour sharing the following: 

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The Big Favour was fortunately able to let him tell his story on-air. 

Take a listen as he further shares the struggles the salon has had to go through: 

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The Big Favour was able to link Mthethwa with WeBuyCars. 

He was not aware of the contribution he would be getting from the company. 

Listen here: 

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The Big Favour truly does not tire in making these moments possible. We are here to make people's lives somewhat lighter and brighter. 

If you are someone who needs that sunlight, you can simply click here for some help. 

And if you have the means to share a little something with those who might need it most, then click here

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We are delighted for Mthethwa and his staff of nine as they might be seeing a chance to start over!

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