The Big Favour covers 6 children's education needs just like that!

The Big Favour covers six children's education needs just like that!

Lottostar and The Big Favour make a life-changing contribution to Operation Bobbi Bear.

Bobbi Bear Lottostar contribution

A month ago we were introduced to the KZN organisation, Operation Bobbi Bear. They help children who have been physically and sexually abused by taking them in.

Situated in Amanzimtoti, the organisation had gone through a terrible time financially following COVID-19 and more especially, the KZN unrest.

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Eureka Olivier had been leading the 21-year-old organisation and when she spoke about the tough time they were facing at the home, she emphasised it was more the children she was worried about. 

Fortunately, Workforce Staffing and Worldwide Staffing contributed a whopping R100,000 to the organisation to help them keep their doors open and make daily operations possible. 

But we had to have them back to hear more, as a new family of children have been taken in quite recently. They are six siblings aged 4 to 13 years, who had been found abandoned by their parent on the side of the road. Operation Bobbi Bear has now become their home.

Take a listen:

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You can tell that there is definitely financial stress that is not only putting a strain on her but some of the employees, volunteers, and children. 

Electricity bills, food, clothing, medication, and education facilities are some of the things they battle with. 

Fortunately, Lottostar heard this about Operation Bobbi Bear, including that some of the children need a special school. 

Take a listen to how they changed everything for them:

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It is exactly moments like this that make us continue The Big Favour and share these amazing stories of hope with you. 

The same can be done for you if you're in need. 

Simply click here, if you need some help. 

If you want to be a donor, click here.

Community, love, justice, and hope. That's the Big Favour.


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