After a tough few months, 3 KZN families have their hope restored by The Big Favor.

After a tough few months, 3 KZN families have their hope restored by The Big Favor.

WeBuyCars has been able to donate some money to help the families get by. 

3 KZN families

It has been couple of week as WeBuyCars changed the lives of so many families in KwaZulu-Natal with their The Big Favour donations. 

They started by helping Mduduzi Gavin Mthethwa, the owner of MJ's Exclusive Salon, get his store up and running again following strenuous time with the electricity cuts, the COVID-19 pandemic pausing beauty industries operations and the latest KZN unrest. 

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They then followed and helped the breadwinner of a family in KZN who had been ill for most of the year therefore unable to provide for the family. 

They make their final contribution to three KZN families that have seen an absolutely hard time this year. 

The first family is that of Ravern Munsamy. She shares the story of losing her job 2 years back. It has since been hard finding employment to provide for her two kids. 

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She had to move back in with her mother who supports five other people. The Big Favour will alleviate her mother of all the expenses she has from being the only provider. 

The second family is that of Thando Mkhwanazi who was nominated by Maswidi Duma. Thando lost her husband during the KZN unrest and the looting. He was burnt in his container by the looters and left Thando with two kids she has to figure life out for alone.

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The third family is Linda Joseph's family. She is a paralegal who actually gave up her career to take care of the her son who was diagnosed with West Syndrome at 5 months. Due to the epilepsy he suffered a brain damage on his development part of his brain. 

She is currently doing side jobs to help the income his husband gets at work to fun their family sufficiently. 

Take a listen as Angelique Manias from WeBuyCars shares that they would be aided:  

East Coast Radio

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WeBuyCars has made an immeasurable difference in the lives of so many people this past month. 

Our hearts are warm knowing that The Big Favour was that link that made all of it possible. 

 If you are someone who needs that sunlight, you can simply click here for some help. 

And if you have the means to share a little something with those who might need it most, then click here

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