After losing their home, The Big Favour helps this family get on their feer

After losing their home, The Big Favour helps this family get on their feet

Candice saw a picture of a family that currently lives in a tent in the wilderness as result of COVID-19 and she alerted The Big Favour and a little help came through.

Big Favour family in The Bluff
East Coast Radio

When Candice saw a post on Facebook describing the living situation of a family whose lives changed tragically as a result of COVID-19, she could not help but stretch her hand out to offer help in her own capacity. 

Lockdown level 5 saw a closure to most businesses therefore a loss in some jobs for so many people in South Africa. Unemployment has since hiked and it is even more unfortunate when one has a family to take care of. 

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Candice Strassburg had her friend send her a picture of a family that lost their family home in a legal battle as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. She was touched by this story as no one deserves to be in that kind of situation no matter who you are, especially during this time. 

Fortunately, with The Big Favour we were able to find a sponsor and help Linelle Meyer and her family alleviate their current situation. 

Candice further describes her process reaching out to The Big Favour and meets Linelle. 

Take a listen to how that went: 

Linelle, who initially had a small gardening service business saw her life transform when they had to move to the out of their home. 

A halt in services of this nature during the lockdown tainted so many people's livelihoods. 

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Linelle and her family remain living in this situation for the 7th month today -  5 adults, their on child and their three dogs. 

Fortunately, AKR Concrete was able to donate R5 000 which made it possible for them to purchase their basic necessities. 

Big Favour family in The Bluff
East Coast Radio

Have a listen to how Linelle reacts when she finds out she would be a recipient of this kind act: 

Have a listen to the full podcast of Candice Strassburg  who nominated Linelle Meyer. 

Touching a life and making that change in people's circumstances stays with them forever , even if it is  a small contribution:

Like Linelle mentioned, if you need services like landscaping or removing furniture or large waste, they offer the services. 

We are elated always to see the smiles on people's faces; that warmth. 

Darren Maule got to surprise Linelle by showing up and doing some shopping with her. He was even able to get out some laughter from the lovely lady 

Thanks to AKR Concrete for this donation. Here is how it went: 

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