Would you pay R45 to see Justin Bieber?

Would you pay R45 to see Justin Bieber?

Emojis are the new alphabet. And now, for just R45, you can express your inner most thoughts, feelings and desires... through Justin Bieber. 

Justin bieber scared of his fans

Justin Bieber has had his fair share of publicity over the course of his 22 years. Some of the attention has been good, but there have been some... interesting... moments too. On Friday, Biebs decided to immortalize both the great and dodgy moments, in the form of his brand new app - Justmoji. Emojis and gifs of everything 'Bieber.'

Need to put your arrest into pictures? Can't quite explain how you threw eggs at your neighbour, or had a wee in a bucket? Look no further than Justmoji. Available right now on the apple app store for $2.99 (R45). *insert sarcastic face emoji here*

Justmoji second screen

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