Want to lose weight? Love wine? You won't believe what scientists have discovered!

Want to lose weight? Love your wine? You won't believe what scientists are saying!

Could it be true? Could drinking wine before bed actually HELP with weight-loss? According to recent studies, this is exactly what we need to be doing! 

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Sorry men, but the women are right... again, and science is proving it! Those wonderful people in white coats have been doing hours of research to see if the urban myth is in fact true. And I am happy to report, it is. 

Research has found that drinking 2 glasses (not 2 bottles) of red wine at night can reduce your chances of becoming obese by up to 70%. Firstly, let's just remind ourselves that being 'thin' is not the goal. It is health we are after. And being obese comes with a plethora of health problems including: heart disease; sleep apnea; high blood pressure as well as Type 2 diabetes. 

So HOW exactly can wine help? 

Red wine contains an ingredient called 'resveratrol' which slows down the signs of ageing. The experts at both Harvard and Washington State University say that this resveratrol also stops your fat cells from accumulating the 'bad fat'. Still skeptical? The scientists at Harvard University did a survey with 20,000 people who had recently gained weight to find that not one of them drank wine. Added to that list, Research at Denmark University found that cultures that indulged in a glass of wine or 2 a day (like the French) had smaller waistlines than those that didn't partake in the fruit of the vine. 

Not inclined to keep a bottle of red on your bedside table? Other major sources of resveratrol include blueberries, strawberries and (obviously) grapes. Cheers!!!

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