Terrifying footage of the world's most dangerous road!

Terrifying footage of the world's most dangerous road.

Located in the valley of Pangi in India lies the world’s most dangerous road. After watching this footage, do you think it is a road you would want to travel, for the experience?  

If you are nervous driving on the N3... you definitely DON'T want to watch this! 

Thrill-seekers... enjoy. 

cliffhanger road india

A video made by Charanpreet Singh while driving on one of the World's most dangerous roads. 

"Watch the breathtaking journey from Killar in Pangi Valley, Himachal Pradesh to Kishtwar, Jammu and Kashmir. This stretch from Killar to Kishtwar between two villages Ishtyari and Tyari is also know as cliffhanger, and is one of the most dangerous, scary, and exciting road patches of India." - Charanpreet Singh

Last year Singh went viral worldwide with another helmet cam video, also of a stretch of this road. 

Does this video make you want to add 'drive cliffhanger India' to your bucketlist? 

Not me. Not at all. 

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