Is OJ Simpson actually K. Kardashian's real Dad?

Is OJ Simpson actually K. Kardashian's real Dad?

Will a Kardashian be sending a Father's Day gift to OJ Simpson this year? If the latest paternity test comes back positive, Simpson is about to be a big part of the world's most watched family. 

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If you 'Keep up' with the Kardashians, you will know that there has been, for many years, speculation as to who Khloe Kardashian's REAL Dad is. I mean, before any plastic surgeon had touched any of the girls, Kim and Kourtney always shared a much stronger resemblance to each other than Khloe ever did. Over the years, rumours were quickly shut down that perhaps Khloe wasn't REALLY Rob Kardashian's daughter, but rather the love child of an extra marital affair that Kris Jenner had had with .... (well, that's as far as we got.)

Over the years Kris Jenner has been linked with a string of men, some of whom share rather similar features to that of Khloe Kardashian, but neither Khloe nor 'Dad to be' has come forward with a confirmation of paternity. However, it seems if all goes well, Khloe Kardashian will know exactly where to send her Father's Day gift this year. 

To : My Real Dad, OJ Simpson

Address: The Lovelock Correctional Centre, Nevada, U.S.A.

From: Khloe Simpson (formerly Kardashian)

khloe's dad

Above are some of the men rumoured to be Khloe's real dad. 

From Left: OJ Simpson; Alex Roldan; Lionel Ritchie and (Second from right) Rob Kardashian

OJ Simpson, who is currently serving a sentence in Nevada, has been granted permission by the correctional centre to do the paternity test and find out, once and for all, if he did in fact secretly father a Kardashian. However, and this is a rather strange request, Simpson says he will only give the DNA swab if Khloe comes to the correctional centre to visit him.


Former prison guard, Jeffery Felix has been quoted saying: 

"Khloe Kardashian has begged him (Simpson) to take a paternity test to determine once and for all if he is her biological father." 

and about Simpson, Felix was quoted saying: 

"He wants to talk to her about some other things, too, but more importantly like her he wants to know if she is his daughter."

If you had to guess, who would you say the real Daddy is? 

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