Mother and Son are in love, and trying for a baby.

Mother and Son are in love. And are trying for a baby.

30 years ago Kim West gave up her son for adoption. Now they have reconnected, fallen in love, and want a family of their own. 

Mom and son in love

I know we should keep our judgments to ourselves. This story is really one I can't not share. It is a true albeit 'different' love story. 

Kim West, now 51, has been in an intimate relationship with her biological son, Ben (32) for 2 years. But how did it all start? 

Kim was forced to put Ben up for adoption when he was only a week old and had heard nothing about or from him since. Then, in 2013 Ben decided to contact his real mom by sending her a letter. They met up, and one thing led to another. At this point Ben was married to Victoria, but later divorced Victoria to be with his mother. 

"Kim knows that people will have a bad reaction to their taboo relationship, but says she is willing to battle for it, adding that their feelings are because of Genetic Sexual Attraction (GSA), not incest."

What is GSA? It is a phenomenon that can cause relatives to feel sexual attraction to each other after meeting as adults.

Both Kim and Ben insist that they’re not in an incestuous relationship. Speaking to a newspaper, Kim said: “This is not incest. We are like peas in a pod and meant to be together.”

I think it is up to the individual to do what makes him/happy. My question is, would it really be fair for them to bring a child into this world? 

mom and son

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