Last surviving cast member of 'Casablanca' has died.

Last surviving cast member of Casablanca has died.

French actress, Madeleine Lebeau (aged 92) has passed away. She was the last surviving cast member of the classic 1942 film, Casablanca

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This week it was announced that 92 year old Lebeau had passed away in Spain, on May 1st. 

She lived a full life and will be remembered fondly for her role as Humphrey Bogart's scorned lover in the 1942 classic film, Casablanca. Her most memberable scene in the movie saw Lebeau tearfully shouting "Vive La France" after the patrons in the now famous Rick's Café sang 'La Marseillaise' to drown out the German soldiers' singing.

Casablanca cast member dies


Born: 10 June 1923 near Paris, France. 

In 1940 Lebeau and her actor husband, Marcel Dalio, fled the then Nazi-occupied France for Hollywood, USA. This move changed their lives forever as both Lebeau and her 'beau' landed roles in Casablanca. 

Casablanca the movie

Lebeau was cast in two more American films before going back to France once the war was over.

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