Keri Miller's delicious, 100% guilt free, breakfast porridge!

Keri Miller's delicious, 100% guilt free, breakfast porridge!

Perfect for the bachelor, the student, the couple and the family. Whether you are 'banting', 'paleo', have a food allergy, or just looking to warm up your tummy... Look no further than this GLUTEN, DAIRY and SUGAR free breakfast porridge. 


Durban may be the warmest place to be in winter. But, we do have our chilly days. And there is nothing better than a hot, delicious and guilt free breakfast porridge to start your day. Perfect for the whole family, it is quick and easy as well as SUGAR FREE, DAIRY FREE AND GLUTEN FREE. 

I have a nutribullet now however, before I splashed out on this nifty 'blender' , I used to use a good ol' mortar and pestle. It takes a little longer to crush the nuts but think of it as an arm workout. (Yes, arm day)


- 1 cup raw, unsalted almonds (or mixed nuts - try stay away from peanuts for this recipe)

- 1 cup oats (I use gluten free oats, can find them at most grocery stores or a Dischem)

- 1 tbsp mixed seeds

- tsp honey (you can also use agave/rice syrup)

- 1 tbsp coconut oil

- 1 tsp cinnamon

- 2 tsp raw cacao (basically a natural cocoa)

- 1 tbsp nut butter - I use almond nut butter (if using peanut butter opt for the no added salt/sugar peanut butter)

- 1 tbsp quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) - not necessary but I add it because it keeps me full for a looooong time.

- 1 tsp Himalayan salt

- 1 tsp hemp powder (just to add a 'superfood' to this super porridge, it isn't necessary though)

- 2 tbsp coconut cream (read the labels, some coconut creams/milks have LOTS of preservatives and BLEACH)

- 1 tsp pure vanilla extract 

- water (add to the pot according to your desired thickness)

- banana for the topping (banana is known and loved for it's slow release energy, and potassium content)



Heat your pot to a medium heat and add coconut oil. 

Add the coconut cream and about half a cup of water

Add vanilla extract, honey and stir

In your blender : blend all the dry ingredients until nuts are ground, or your desired texture. It will be a little wet as the nut oil is released. 

Add blended dry ingredients to the pot and simmer. Add nut butter and slowly add water until you have the thickness that you prefer. Use a whisk or hand blender to remove any lumps and allow to cook for 5-7mins. (remember this could be eaten RAW so less is more).

Serve with sliced banana, or any topping your heart desires. I also add a splash of almond milk. 

Be warned... a little goes a LONG way, and it keeps your tummy full for AGES. 


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