This kangaroo is terrifying

This kangaroo is terrifying!

It turns out kangaroos are what nightmares are really made of!

evil kangaroo
photo by Christopher Roche

When we think of frightening 'things' that may keep a child up at night... we may think scary clowns, ghosts, robbers or monsters. But up until right now, I have NEVER included kangaroos in the list of nightmare terrors. 

Then, a woman named Cat Karskens posted THIS video on her twitter account. Besides the fact that this is the most muscular, or as my gym friends would say, 'ripped' kangaroo I have ever seen, he is FRIGHTENING. 

I truly hope he is just attempting to fight his own reflection, if not, tell your Australian dwelling friends to lock up and quickly, because the kangaroo zombie apocalypse has started! 

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