Woman sexually harassed by Paris hostel staff member speaks out

Woman sexually harassed by Paris hostel staff member speaks out

A trip to visit a friend in Paris turned into a nightmare for one woman, who has now bravely spoken up against the harassment she faced over what she wore.

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Over the past few months, we have heard many celebrities open up about the sexual harassment they've faced, and I must commend them for doing so. Being a victim of harassment is hard enough, but opening up about it takes courage.   

She detailed her experience about a recent sexual harassment experience that she faced from a hostel staff member. Mariah Nonnemacher was out in Paris visiting a friend and stayed at a hostel when she was harassed over her alleged 'plunging neckline and for ‘dressing provocatively’. 

The harassment started when she was drinking with her friend at a bar. She noticed a staff member eyeing her out, which was enough to make anyone feel weird, she told UNILAD.

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The following morning at breakfast, after eyeing her in the bar, Mariah was confronted by a staff member who said that she needed to pull up her shirt, as she was showing too much cleavage and dressed too provocatively. The staff member in question, who also served her drinks, poured her beverage down the drain after she refused to give him her number.

Mariah insisted that she was not wearing anything provocative and then drafted a mail to the owner of the hostel. His reply is what shocked her the most:

Speaking to UNILAD, she said she felt that if the owner was okay for the staff member to behave the way he did, what stops him from doing worse?

The way in which the staff member behaved is unacceptable and I do not condone any type of harassment. I do understand that he was trying to caution her, but the way in which he went about doing so was not right. 

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