Watch: Here's how Australia's ball-tampering incident unfolded

Watch: Here's how Australia's ball-tampering incident unfolded

It's an incident that has shocked the cricketing world and fans were left devastated following the ball-tampering row.

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Listen as Myron Naicker, Senior eNCA Sports Journalist and East Coast Radio Sports Presenter, shares his views on the Australia ball-tampering incident in the podcast, then read more below:

A nation has been turned on its head after Australian captain Steve Smith admitted to ball tampering during the third day of the third Test against South Africa in Cape Town.

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It all unfolded in front of the world's eyes, as cameras picked up 25-year-old Cameron Bancroft with a yellow piece of sandpaper which he used to rough one side of the ball to change its condition. 

Here's what was caught on camera:

Local and international news is on fire with the story and there’s a definite sense of disappointment after Smith and Bancroft publicly admitted to ball-tampering in a press conference.

It’s a pretty serious offence and the whole cricketing world is disappointed to know that the Aussies have cheated. 

Taking to Twitter, the International Cricket Council tweeted out a copy of a press release of the incident. 

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'Steve Smith suspended for one Test and fined 100% of match fee, Bancroft fined 75% of his match and receives three demerit points #SAvAUS', they said.

In light of all of this, we should also remember before pointing fingers that Faf du Plessis has been caught and fined for a similar offence.

According to Sport24, Du Plessis was seen on camera sucking a mint before proceeding to shine the ball with his saliva. An investigation was conducted and he was found guilty and fined 100% of his match fee.

Faf also told Sport24 that he felt that this ball-tampering incident was way worse than his scandal.

'Ball shining versus ball tampering are two very different situations and one is much more serious than the other. It's so difficult to say which is right and which is wrong. I think he is trying to take responsibility, so there is right in that. But there is also right in people being responsible for their own actions,' he said. 

Rules are put in place for a reason and after seeing the video, the proof is there for the world to see and it cannot be unseen. 

But does the punishment fit the 'crime'? Should Steve Smith and Cameron Bancroft receive a sterner punishment? Shouldn’t the ICC be setting an example by stamping this out of the game for good? 

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