Watch: Durban Jack Russell pup 'takes flight' thanks to eagle

Watch: Durban Jack Russell pup 'takes flight' thanks to eagle

Have you ever worried about a bird swooping down and grabbing your darling puppy? Well, that is exactly what happened to a KZN family recently - and it is crazy!

jack russell puppy

When I got my Labrador called Mojo, he was literally a couple of weeks old and he could sit comfortably in the palm of my hand. People would often tell me to be careful and not let him run around alone outside in case he was swept up by a bird circling in the area. I always thought it was just a myth... until I saw this.

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On Monday, I saw a video that Grant Rust sent to us on the WhatsApp line of his eight-week-old Jack Russell puppy that had a 'fly in' with an eagle. It happened right here in KZN. Wow! 

It seems that something went wrong for the eagle. Shortly after swooping down to grab the puppy with its claws, it drops the pup safely and flies away. 

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Other than being a bit shaken and suffering a small nick to her tummy, the little puppy is doing fine. Phew! 

This is crazy!

We caught up with Grant to find out how the puppy is after the incident. 

Thankfully, the puppy survived, and can be seen looking as adorable as ever with Grant's daughter, Amy, in the picture below.

amy rust
Grant Rust

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