Should online adult content be blocked in South Africa?

Should online adult content be blocked in South Africa?

The UK is making big moves in the online adult content industry, and Damon wants to know what your thoughts are if that was rolled out in South Africa.

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The UK is cracking down on the adult content industry and it's expected to leave a few unhappy with the move. 

LADbible reports that soon users will have to sign up to a program that verifies the age of adult content users. Verification could be in the form of an identity document, passport or even credit card. 

British Board of Film Classification, the regulator for content, will go through a system of deciding what they consider to be explicit and censor this type of content accordingly. 

However, with the block expected to roll out in the country this year, it also poses dangers. 

Speaking to The Sun, lawyer Myles Jackman said: "The big risk is that the data from the user is not held securely, and that their privacy is violated when that data is hacked or breached."

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The thing is, would you trust a random company with your personal data? If there's a breach of data, it could see your personal interests and information leaked onto the internet for everyone to see.

The Film and Publications Board, South Africa's censorship authority, recently got their amendment bill approved which will regulate online content and the way it will be distributed. But the bill does not say anything about blocking online adult content. 

How would you feel if adult content was blocked in South Africa?

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