'ANN7 was a propaganda machine' says author of tell-all Gupta Book

'ANN7 was a propaganda machine' says author of tell-all Gupta Book

Rajesh Sundaram is lifting the lid on the operations of the Gupta-owned news channel, ANN7. In an interview with Damon, he tells of how the channel operated and how he witnessed many strange happenings.

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The Gupta Family have continually made headlines in South Africa.

But how have they gone from being one of the most powerful and influential families in South Africa to being on the run from the South African Government?

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Rajesh Sundaram is the author of the explosive book, Indentured: Behind the scenes at Gupta TV, and in his book, he opens up about the power and influence Atul Gupta had when trying to launch his new 24/7 news channel, ANN7. He also explores how there were secret meetings with the President at the time, Jacob Zuma.

After only three months of working towards launching the channel under enormous stress and pressure, Sundaram realised he had assisted in 'creating a propaganda machine and handed it to the South African mafia'.

Sundaram, who’s a senior news editor with over 20 years experience, was brought in to head up editorial content and was given three months to launch ANN7. Why was there such a tight deadline? Why were the Guptas in such a rush to deliver their news channel? Who was the sleeping partner that held a 30% stake in the business?

This is Sundaram’s side of the story, and although the ANC, Jacob Zuma, and Gupta family have been contacted to respond, they have opted to stay silent.

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Never in my 20-something years of radio did I ever expect to do this kind of tell-all interview. It shocked me to my core. 

Take a listen to the full interview in the podcast below:

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