Man hilariously loses it after friend leaves WhatsApp group

Man hilariously loses it after friend leaves WhatsApp group

You definitely wouldn't want to leave this guy's WhatsApp group if he was your group admin. Ouch!

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WhatsApp is a fast becoming the cross-platform messaging app of choice for many. Fox Business recently reported that the platform has over 1.2 billion registered users - myself included. I can't seem to go a day without checking my WhatsApp. 

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I came across this hilarious video which made the rounds back in 2016 which shows one very passionate WhatsApp user who's having a tough time dealing with someone who just left his group. He makes a very compelling argument and even gives his version of the apppropriate protocol to follow when leaving a WhatsApp group.

I couldn't help but giggle after watching this and I just had to share with you.

After watching that hilarious clip, I decided to put together a top 5 list of don’ts for WhatsApp group members. 

5. Don't send things like 'Lol' or 'good morning guys'. Some of us have lives and don't have time for random messages with no substance.

4. Don't change the name of the group without the permission of other group members. For example from 'Work Group' to 'Best Friends Forever'. This is an absolute fail!

3. Don’t send messages to the group before 8:00am and after 9:00pm. Let's respect people's private time, please!

2. Don’t type long essays - just get straight to the point. If I wanted to read an essay, I'd go to a library and read a book.

1. Don’t add me to a group with people I don't know and if you don’t me, then please don’t add me to any other group.

Do you agree with my list or do you think that there are more don'ts for WhatsApp group members? I'd love to know. Share with me in the comments or follow the conversation on my Twitter, @jsbuofficial.

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