Tourists witness how a herd of elephants protects a newborn

Tourists witness how a herd of elephants protects a newborn

Whether its humans or animals, the miracle of childbirth is amazing to witness!

elephant childbirth

If you’ve been on a game drive before, you would know how you sit peering out of the vehicle looking for any sign of wildlife, and when you do see a lion, cheetah or a herd of elephants, there’s always great excitement.

A lucky group of tourists on a safari right here in South Africa got a once-in-a-lifetime chance to witness an elephant giving birth.

The footage was posted on the Tambuzi Safaris Facebook page back in 2017, but recently popped up on my timeline - and boy-oh-boy am I glad it did. It was captioned: "Wild Elephant gives birth and then the rest of the herd celebrates! Absolutely amazing!" and the video has received over 19-million views, which is no surprise.

It’s a beautiful moment as the little baby elephant rolls around on the ground trying to find his feet shortly after entering his 'new home'. Just then more magic happens...

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Trumpeting begins from a herd of nearby elephants who come running over to celebrate and welcome the new baby into the world. It is said that an entire herd surrounds a mother and her newborn baby as a way of protecting them from any threat.

Just listen how this herd greets their newest member. You can only imagine what an incredible moment this must have been to witness. I wish I was there!

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