DJ Black Coffee faces heat over recent Israel performance

DJ Black Coffee faces heat over recent Israel performance

The DJ has publicly spoken out and defended his recent performance in Tel Aviv, but it seems that he may have made things worse for himself.

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Listen as Carol Ofori, Entertainment Reporter and presenter of the Coca-Cola Top 40, shares her views on the topic, then read more below:

Popular (or not-so-popular, in this case) DJ Black Coffee is in hot water with many on social media after he recently performed in Tel Aviv, Israel.

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Taking to his Twitter, he shared a video expressing how much he loved being in Tel Aviv. "Thank you @the.tripping I Love you Telaviv ❤️ Now off to @AwakeningFestiv afternoon set and Venice at night. #Godsveryown #soldout," the Tweet said. 

It seems as if his tweet struck a nerve, with many saying that although he may have loved Tel Aviv, he has turned a blind eye to what is going on in the region.

Some have said that the DJ may not have been aware of the issues in Israel, but Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) has spoken out against that sentiment. BDS is a movement that works to promote freedom and equality for Palestinians. Speaking to IOL, the organisation said that they approached Black Coffee during his first performance in the country in 2014, cautioning him about a cultural boycott and against any future performances.

"Artists and cultural institutions that act in violation of the cultural boycott against Israel find themselves complicit in a system of normalising and whitewashing the violations of Palestinian human rights and international law by Israel," a BDS SA spokesperson told IOL.

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However, he fought back and stood his ground, leaving a bit of a bitter taste in his fans' mouths. He again took to his Twitter to tell those who have spoken up where to get off...

Many of his fans spoke openly about how ridiculous it is that he is being lambasted for something that he has no control over.

The Jerusalem Post reported that this was not the first time the DJ has visited the holy country. Back in 2014, he took to his social media to post a message of peace to his Israeli fans. 

"“I’m coming here to perform and I hope my visit will help the process of change and promote equality, through the message of peace and love that lives in my music, if we can dance together we can live together....We Are One,” he said. 

While I understand that the country has a lot to deal with concerning politics, I don't think that Black Coffee could have done anything to prevent the unrest in the country. In my opinion, all he wanted to do was to give his Israeli fans a chance to enjoy his music. Surely there isn't anything wrong with that? 

Do you think Black Coffee has the right to host a gig wherever he wants without receiving this kind of backlash? Or should he have been more sensitive to the current issues before deciding to gig in the country?

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